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Adzes​/​Putrescine Split

by Putrescine, Adzes

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Another day of the trudge A hunched limp carries them Like thrall marching into The belly of the machine Absent of humanity Itemized and systematized Stripped down to 7 digits That’s all you are to them You dare tell me I’m free You dare call this a life They take a third of my day Yet leave scraps for pay Stability but a fantasy A pleasure for those born golden A home, heat, and rest from hunger A pleasure for those carry the burden A fast grip on that little ledge Is all we have to hold us As fingers on the leather ledger Mark your labor’s worth I yearn to taste freedom But have been cursed by birth As fingers on the leather ledger Mark your labor’s worth
The world is swallowed in a growing sun As the horse of famine gallops The beast of capital follows And where his tracks start The black horse of death wallows With war in his left hand And pestilence in the right The beast commands the world All have fallen before its might You dare call this stage late As the machine reaches its peak It’s merely the beginning Of a future barren and bleak Bleak Bleak Bleak Bleak Bleak is the sky all red with fire As cities are frozen by pure avarice Why prevent the flames of destruction When disaster was capital’s construction Blind swipes of the reaper’s scythe Curved blade, harvester of life As all the grain wastes away And waves break the quay Floods run from tears of ice Filling the world’s rolling dice Gamblind flesh against profit Where no cost wills forfeit And still that machine will run beyond the end The seas are awash with acid and plastic Their currents shall shift and twist Two degrees until its catastrophic And still that beast will persist Upon the ruins the beast will build With blood and bone and steel Never will its thirst be filled Or stop to give time to heal Bleak is the sky from ash As the fire has consumed the world Why prevent the flames of destruction When disaster was capital’s construction
There is a weakness in the flesh A poisoned splinter steals our breath At first gently, still unknown In time pain cracks the bone As cold descends Nausea without end Engrave these words upon your heart It doesn't matter how virtuous you are Our bodies all are doomed to fail How fragile is this mortal veil Pierced by steel in fullest flood Introduce the poison into blood It attacks you and your cancer Hope this kills it slightly faster Engrave these words upon your heart It doesn't matter how fortunate you are Our bodies all will cease, will halt How or when, it's not your fault Death is our fate Our graves await Be not afraid Be not ashamed Our loves remain Our hearts engraved
Lifeless and alien Bodies a poisonous red They murder their creators Furtive daggers in willing hands They pursue the living They trample the dead Unleashed by the acts Of a thousand pallid functionaries Who stand perplexed Palms upraised A chorus of doubt Behind gilded masks A thousand blind machinists Each responsible for a piece Of this effort that leads To this machine of slaughter Yet my hands are among Those of the guilty This is my hand on the knife Furtive daggers in the night How could I have known
Everywhere I turn Systems decay Smoke in the air Disease on the lips I repeat empty motions My hands turn to fists To prevent any more From escaping my grip Corrupted The flesh rots off the bone Corrupted The failing structure exposed Corrupted The blind need to control Corrupted No gods, no masters I tell myself, sure But still these bastards Control my future Can I escape? Would that be right? And what about those left behind? I don't know where to turn Desperation Our hearts become bricks Despair takes root within


Split from Adzes and Putrescine


released September 23, 2022

Marie McAuliffe-Vocals, guitar, drum programming
Trevor Van Hook-Vocals, guitar
Zac Sanders-Lead guitar, bass

Viola on In a Growing Sun by Calin Kim
Cover art by Marie McAuliffe
Produced by Zac Sanders at Dying Empire Productions
Mixed and Mastered by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Studio

Adzes is Forest Bohrer

Mastered by db at Euphoriadic Studios


all rights reserved



Putrescine San Diego, California

Return to form death metal inspired by the great works of Carcass, Morbid angel, and the modern hellworld that is the political landscape.

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