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The One Reborn

by Putrescine

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Condemned to history Thoroughly eradicated Wiped from the face of the earth For decades they wait Plotting their return Viral destruction of mankind A mass campaign of lies Swallowed by mindless fools The stage is set for their return Viral destruction begins anew Infecting children of ignorant fools Death will spread there's no escape For the affluent self important idiots Polio wards now reopened Scared for life, a mark for morons Fever, pain, seizures, pneumonia Birth defects, all for nothing Viral disease spreads again Crushing humanity Diseases left to history Leaving death in their wake Diseases long eliminated Wreaking havoc for no fucking reason Advancement condemned by idiots Ignorance becomes fatal Moronic parents breed cesspools Disease carrying dying children Reviving diseases to exert control Good intentions six feet in the ground Pharmaceutical manufacturers Receive none of your money Instead make a wise investment In luxury child size coffins
Homestead 04:46
Unite Cast off your chains Unite Nothing to lose Defend our livelihood Destroy capitalist pigs Prepare for war, lock the doors Fortify the factory Erect a wall, it must not fall Guns aimed at the common man Break the strike with fascist might A private army to crush their will In dead of night begin the fight Labor must come to heel Crush them Shots ring out upon the water The Pinkertons must not land Cannon fire and dynamite The river will be their grave No scabs will cross this line This night we make our stand When morning breaks they will give in The homestead strike will not break No mercy for the Pinkertons Humiliate our enemy Organized labor will not break Bring Carnegie to his knees
Grant us eyes Conceive spawn of great ones Ascend humanity to godhood Ritual of the old blood Cast your body to our task Construct of grotesque form Pthumerian experiment failure Crawling mass of corpses Imbued with old blood Become cosmic great one
Inhuman 02:23
Brutality to crush dissension Massacre in the face of rebellion Slaughter to preserve control How many dead so the elite can prosper? US trained death squads Preserving our hegemony Women and children heads removed Posed around the dinner table One hand raised upon the head A scene most macabre Nail the hand of the child To complete the scene Butchers with no conscious Inhuman fascist animals Salvadorean cruelty sanctioned Covered by the monster Abrams And on and on the story goes Another nation brutalized No justice for the fascist animal And history repeats again
Entropy 05:33
Aeons of nothingness A great vast emptiness Human life is insignificant The universe expands In one great cosmic breath And soon we will be forgotten We are but a speck among infinity Our whole history amounts to nothing Before the sun expands and swallows the earth Before the heat death of the universe We will cease to exist along with the monuments Of what we would call accomplishments The arrow of entropy Points towards our demise All we seek to do is futile The ruins of civilization Will become dust again All will be as though we never existed The phenomenon of consciousness is our greatest curse The universe experiences a fleeting moment of its own demise


Physical available thru Tridroid Records


released August 15, 2019

Putrescine is:
Trevor Van Hook-Guitar, vocals
Zachary Sanders-Bass, leads
Marie McAuliffe-Vocals, drum programming

Music and lyrics by Trevor Van Hook
Produced by Zachary Sanders
Mixed by Shawn McClure
Artwork by Scott Mckenzie


all rights reserved



Putrescine San Diego, California

Return to form death metal inspired by the great works of Carcass, Morbid angel, and the modern hellworld that is the political landscape.

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