Reek of Putrescine

by Putrescine

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The first single from our upcoming full length album
Includes the album track Reek of Putrescine, as well as an updated version of Her Stillborn Body from the Apostils Against Hegemony, Vol. I: Transitive Properties compilation from Akeshic Envoy Records and a cover of Timeghoul's The Seige, which is exclusive to this digital single.


released March 31, 2020

Music and lyrics for Reek of Putrescine and Her Stillborn Body by Trevor Van Hook and Marie McAuliffe.
The Seige by Hayden and Stevens of Timeghoul

Putrescine is:
Trevor Van Hook-Guitar, vocals
Zachary Sanders-Bass, Guitar and leads
Marie McAuliffe-Vocals, drum programming

Produced by Zachary Sanders
Mixed by Shawn McClure
Artwork by Scott Mckenzie


all rights reserved



Putrescine San Diego, California

Return to form death metal inspired by the great works of Carcass, Morbid angel, and the modern hellworld that is the political landscape.

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Track Name: Reek of Putrescine
In gilded palaces, lairs of pure excess
Symbols of wealth whither, reclaimed in decay
Luxury the lair of vultures, the stench of death abounds
Vomiting half digested carrion
Putrefied flesh covers the ground
The reek of putrescine
Like one thousand rotting corpses
An omen of your own decay
Rotting inside out
Your wealth is built upon death
Your lifestyle breeds decay
Necrophagic greed
The only thing you know
Opulent this sepulcher
Of your humanity
The vultures ghoulish feast of death,
A reflection of your soul
The fetid stench to haunt you
Until in the ground you go
Consuming greed
Litters the land with corpses
The fetid stench to haunt you
Until in the ground you go
Track Name: Her Stillborn Body
Clawing for every inch of this construct of flesh and fat

Screaming for the ether that twists this monster of muscle and bone

Fueling its hell fire churning an engine of blood and hormone

Pain is the penance, violate the orders of man.

A minty scalpel sanitized and white

Cuts an incision deep as the soul

These forceps dyed blue as the sky

Pull forth the self from ego’s shell

A birth after birth barren of womb

A cursed form chiseled from exclusion

A moth dying in its own cocoon

An unnatural being drawn free from illusion

Clawing at its own world hostile to the stillborn body

Screaming for scared air oxidizing to the stillborn body

Agony her flame tempering to the stillborn body

Pain sunk into love for her and the stillborn body

Her stillborn body

Love yourself and your stillborn body

Love yourself and your stillborn body
Track Name: The Seige (Timeghoul cover)
Look over the battlements
At the burning countryside
There the army of wicked madness
Besieges this castle of will
Feel the frozen wind
From the bleak outer world
The banner twists in agony
Tortured from the world around
The wind seeps through the walls
Whispering revelations of despair
It skulks in high lofted ceilings
A messenger of the fallen realm
The moat displays whitened bloated corpses
A cesspool where the slain float
For miles back their casualties are strewn
Ours burn on pyres smoke replacing sky
Listen to the sound of the pounding
Battering rams
Their black winged echoes
Fly down these desolate halls
Each catapult stone defeats the walls
We labor to repair what falls upon us
The bringers of insanity
Dance bizarrely
In celebration
Of their coming conquest…

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