The Fading Flame

by Putrescine

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Age of Fire 01:17
The Abyss 04:53
Standing at the edge of the abyss Dedicated to its destruction Eternally opposed to its abominations Laying waste to kingdoms to crush the darkness A cruel fate, tainted by the abyss They’ve sworn to destroy The legacy of Artorias Betrayed by the fire Undying, immortal soul Cursed to spend eternity In the catacombs Dying, reviving, slaying one another A soul that will not die The darkness of Carthas Taints the blood of the watchers The abyss swallows all The abyss consumes their soul Their home an acrid, cursed land Their people, twisted abominations Darkwraiths roaming the ruins Of the Keep of The abyss Walker The abyss swallows all
Gluttonous Saint Engorged by his feast Of flesh Saint of the deep Where sink the dregs of humanity Where lurk abhorrent insects Burrowing into flesh Visions of a new era Where flame is cast out The era of deep waters The coming age of deep sea Ascended through gluttony To usher in the era he will devour gods Setting sights on dark moon Dreaming, visions of power Devouring, becoming grotesque The dark moon is consumed The faithful clergy Serving saint of the deep Profaning the tome Dwelling in the tomb Of the Devourer Delighting in the presence Of stagnating souls Slowly, gnawing, mashing Devouring the gods The faithful saint Ever devours
In the profaned capital Where lies the Unfading flame In chasms below Irrythil The profaned flame Sparking ambition Consuming hearts of those that wield it Inspiring lust for violence Upon the throne of the profaned Descendant of ancient conqueror Leader of those once subjugated Their blade and their shield Suffering loss Forsaking the shield Wielding blade With nothing to lose He shall become a lord of cinder To put the profaned flame to rest Flames reigned down upon the capital Scorching human flesh Consuming subjects profaned Disfigured burning corpses litter the dead city Where he sits upon the throne Surrounded by the silence Of all of his failure In his failures he leaves The keys to his death With the subjects left in doubt And his dearest friend A pact of death If his duty he betrayed 5. The Fading Flame Music by Marie McAuliffe and Trevor Van Hook Lyrics by Trevor Van Hook The Fading Flame Slayer of the demon prince Imbuing blade with flame A worthy champion But a cursed destiny The last hope of his line The last hope of an heir Worthy of linking the flame Destined to be a lord A cursed path before him Rituals unspeakable Destiny unattainable For the feeble bloodline Cursed with immortality Two souls becoming one To accomplish sacred duty Forsaken by the heir The curse of the flame, The legacy of lords, Let it all fade into nothing Let us remain among the cursed A deteriorated failure Incapable and frail Royalty breeds weakness And the fire fades
Age of Dark 01:01
Chained upon that mountain The mountain that cries The cries that freeze me Freeze to mountain of trauma The world smirks with its whip Lashing at blistered scars Drawing that blood again Reliving that blood again The mist of the mountain Engulfed her fragile self Painted that blood again Stained that blood again (Damaged) Unfold the aperture kiss the stale blade It loves her like no other Make love to the safety that is the pain It loves her like no other At the cliff of the mountain yet again Hugging herself holding in vain Begging herself to stand again Beating her flightless wings she jumps Pounding battered concrete It loves her like no other The world smirks with its whip Lashing at blistered scars Drawing that blood again Reliving that blood again Pounding battered concrete It loves her like no other At the peak of the mountain yet again Triumphant is the relapse to pain Knowing that she'll stand here again Beating her flightless wings she falls
Outsider 04:45
A struggle stripped of it's wings Will never reach liberation Bloodied stumps beating in vain Clipped by liberal consignation Cast out by non-conformity Death to cis-hetero normativity To every petty traitor And every gilded gay You betrayed your kind For a class that killed our kin A struggle stripped of it's class Looses it's teeth to bite back Raise your fists and guns Against capital's inclusion. Standing with solidarity Death to cis-hetero normativity To every petty traitor And every gilded gay We will fight along our kind With a class that will kill your kin.
In gilded palaces Lairs of pure excess Symbols of wealth wither Reclaimed in decay Luxury the lair of vultures The stench of death abounds Vomiting half digested carrion Putrefied flesh covers the ground The reek of Putrescine Like 1000 rotting corpses An omen of your own decay Rotting inside out Your wealth is built upon death Your lifestyle breeds decay Necrophagic Greed The only thing you know Opulent this sepulcher Of your humanity The vultures ghoulish feast of death A reflection of your soul The fetid stench to haunt you Until in the ground you go Consuming greed Litters the land with corpses The fetid stench to haunt you Until I’m the ground you go
Contradictive beast with mitts of gold Has fallen and failed on it's promises told Freedom from and freedom to Was built for the rich and not for you It's easier to imagine The end of the world Than the end of capitalism From the vampire castle To the churning streets A movement can't take hold From lofted towers All figures high and wealthy Will be stripped of power No false morality will save Their heads from slaughter For every Rich man's charity Are thousands in poverty Every figure's public face Hides the weight of suffering Depressive hedonia has seized the working class Hopeless indulgence born from impossibility As our world ends a new is struggling to be born This shifty beast's reign counts for centuries Enclosing all spaces public and common The revolts and struggles to upend it Are all but memories to us A legacy of failures and defeats This shifty beast's paws are slipping It cannot escape the contradiction History guide this hammer and sickle To behead this beast of capital Let no struggle be lost in vain The world is caught in a setting sun.


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released March 26, 2021

Music and Lyrics by Trevor Van Hook and Marie McAuliffe
Produced by Zachary Sanders
Mixed by Shawn McClure
Art by Carlos Agraz-The Art of Asty
Viola on "In a Setting Sun" by Calin Kim
Intro solo on "In a Setting Sun" by Alec Van Der Lam

Putrescine is
Trevor Van Hook- Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Marie McAuliffe- Vocals and Drum Programming
Zachary Sanders- Bass, Lead Guitars and Synth


all rights reserved



Putrescine San Diego, California

Return to form death metal inspired by the great works of Carcass, Morbid angel, and the modern hellworld that is the political landscape.

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